This damn book is following me

So every now and then a book seems to chase me. It hunts me down and refuses to be ignored until I buy it and finish it and love it. It’s kind of annoying. And it’s happening again.

This Is How You Lose Her is watching. Waiting. It’s insisting on being read. It’s on every list I read, it’s on every shelf in every bookstore I walk into. I woke up this morning to somebody posting some Buzzfeed list about beautiful lines in literature and this happened:

“The half life of love is forever.”
—Junot Diaz, This Is How You Lose Her

Well, fucking fine, Diaz. I’ll read your damn book. You just go ahead and put beautifully phrased truths out there and aggravate me to no end. Go ahead and make me ache early in the morning with things I can’t put into words and make me feel like I’ll never be a truly beautiful, insightful, talented writer. You just go ahead and do that, you talented jerk.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready for work and I have to do it earlier than normal so I can buy a damn book.


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